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  Black Swan Farm's goal is to produce top quality performance Cobs
for adults as well as children for any discipline.



Black Swan Farm's

Section D - Welsh Cobs
Past Sales Gallery





οπ SOLD οπ

Black 1992 Section D Welsh Cob mare, 15hh.
Imported Nov 2002



Congratulations to Julie Foot, Foothills Welsh, Canada
on purchasing Pearl to add to her broodmare group.
  * Pantcynghorian Wild Rose

οπ SOLD οπ
  Chestnut, stockings, blaze, flaxen M & T
( Ffoslas Dafydd X Pantcynghorian Susan X Nebo Magic )
Imported 1997
1998 American Nationals Champion Welsh Cob filly
Easy going, big mover, solid personality & excellent broodmare

οπ SOLD οπ
  Nebo Daniel  x  Broughton Roxanne  x  Derwen Paddington Express )
(photos Spring 2003)
First Place 1997 - The Royal of England Show
First Place 1997 - East Anglia Native Pony Show
1998 American Nationals - Champion Welsh Cob Colt





l SOLD l

Black Swan Rhiannon ("Rhia")
100% Section D Cob filly

Congrats to Steve Epstein of Fla.
on his purchase of this fancy filly

(at 2 days old)



(photos: 3 months)
(above photo: 4 months)
Foaled 3/29/03.  Black, hind sock, blaze.
Delightful temperament, Section A head,
fancy movement, looks, personality.
A real charmer for the showring. Will go
14hh+.  Compact athletic frame.
(Dam: Fronarth Actress)



*Fronarth Marianne



Chocolate brown 1998 Section D, Solid robust frame,

14hh+ good bone, forward mover, sweet natured

*Congratulations! to Kathy Reese of Smoke Tree on her purchase of Marianne and her brand new filly by "JD"

*Fronarth Marianne

(Fronarth Ianto x Fronarth Ann x Furthermoors Solomon)







* SOLD * Black Swan's Lady Guinivere  

as a yearling
(photo by Lori Henderson)
Black Swan's Lady Guinivere
Section D Cob Filly
(Broughton Jack Daniels x Synod Red Miriam)
Foaled June 1st, 2002
Chestnut, flaxen mane & tail, unique blaze, 2 hind stockings,
Personality and movement to match. Definite show potential
& excellent addition to any breeding program
Sire - 15hh, Dam - 15.2hh, both with heft, movement,
imported lines with national ranking

* Congratulations! to Lana Burnett of Florida on her purchase of this lovely filly.
("all" photos by Black Swan Farm)





Black Swan Iseult ("Belle")

100% Section D Cob filly
Congrats  to Lynda Spannus of CT
on her purchase of this big , attractive  and athletic filly



(photos: 3 weeks old)
(above photo at 4 months)
Foaled 4/19/03.  Red bay, 2 front socks, 1 hind stocking, star with conjoined narrow strip, black pts.  Feminine face, big movement, good bone, friendly, interested, athletic youngster even at few hours old.
(Dam:  Rangehill Abigail)

Black 1999 Section D Cob, 15hh.

substantial bone, grand temperament,
good action, excellent broodmare
Imported June 2000
open for 2004
Congrats to Mary Vardi , of PA, on her purchase of this
nice big mare and their dressage future together .

(photos: Spring 2003)


Calerux Ianto
Calerux Magic Nebo Magic
Arthen Eleri
Calerux Pearl Derwen Telynor
Paddock Sian
Trefaes Faith
Furthermoors Solomon Hewid Dafydd
Stow Queen
Trefaes Abigel Trefaes Toreth
Trefaes Actress



The new boy in town... has a new address

Cwm-meudwy Rhodri
Congrats to Jill Hardt, of Fla, on her purchase of the smashing colt and much success of  her pursuit of dressage and future stallion prospect.

(photo at 4 weeks)

(at 1 day old)


(bottom 2 photos:  at 8 weeks old)
(photo at 4 months)

(Parcmorfa Ffraed x Pensarnfawr Pearl)
Foaled 4/24/03.  Grand, strapping colt, Chestnut, blaze, 2 equal hind stockings, 2 front socks , flaxen mane and tail,
excellent bone, delightful sculpted head, movement exceptional,
Quality!!  Imported in utero.
Definite show/performance stallion candidate.
Personality Plus with real presence!
price undetermined at this time
  Black Swan Merrie Maid
Congratulations and much success to Nancy Flood of North Carolina

Section D 100% Cob filly, foaled 4/03/04

Lovely chestnut, big eyes, dished face, good

bone, conformation, looks and 100% delightful disposition.

Floating mover with power and “look at me spirit”.

Should eventually  go deep chestnut, stockings with  flaxen

mane & tail.
(JD x Fronarth Actress)

  (click on photo for larger view)  


(this photo at 1 month)


  (above photos at 3 months)  


(photo: Spring 2004)

Congratulations and much success to Nancy Flood of North Carolina

In foal to JD for 2005
Dark Bay 1999 Section D, 14hh+,

Bold as brass and just as nosey, delightful disposition,

compact build, flashy looks, nice mover.
Imported June 2000




Fronarth Ianto
Calerux Ianto Calerux Magic
Calerux Pearl
Fronarth Mattie Brenin Dafydd
Lleuci Queen
Fronarth Cymraes
Thorneyside Flyer Brynmore Welsh Magic
Thorneyside Flying Lady
Fronarth Brenhines Brenin Dafydd
Fronarth Pride





2006 Colt
"Black Swan Sir Trystan"

Sold in Oct 2006
congrats to his new owner and his
future as a herd sire in So. CA
within the Sport pony world

f. 5/19/2006
Black, 2 hind stockings, 1 front sock, star & snip
Elegance in conformation, balanced movement, excellent disposition
(*Parcmorfa Ffraed X *Pensarnfawr Pearl X *Maesmynach Llwynog)


Black Swan Lady Electra
( Parcmorfa Ffraed X Pensarnfawr Pearl )


f. May 23, 2007

carbon copy of 2003 colt (and full brother) "T"

100% Delightful athletic movement, looks, & superb temperament

Excellent Dressage candidate/addition to breeding pool.




2006 Colt
Lascaux M. "Brando"


f. 5/18/2006
(North Fork's Sir Oliver Blakeslee X *P.Wild Rose X *Nebo Magic)

Chestnut, blaze and 4 matching stockings
Substance, big motor, delightful temperament & fearless





Black Swan Faire Gwyneth
f. 4/28/2008
( Parcmorfa FFraed X Dyffryngwy Heledd )

Gorgeous athletic filly dressed in bay with star, 2 matched hind socks & black points.
Correct in conformation, sensational presence, and quality bone, A+ movement;
A total compliment to the show ring and eventual gene pool for quality Cobs.
A show off with plenty of pizzazz!!!!

(Parcmorfa FFraed x Dyffryngwy Heledd)

BIG CONGRATS to Beverly McLean; Red Mare Farm, Augusta, KS
on her purchase of this outstanding filly

foaled 4/06/2010; photo at 1 week old
Delightful black or black bay filly
4 matched stockings & blaze

Delightful Big strapping - well built , full section D filly with lovely bone ,correct frame, substance, with real feminine looks; 100% eye catcher in the ring as a competitive, correct conformation; real pizzazz presence; bold as brass and movement to make you just stop , stare and smile.



Black Swan Sir Dylan

BIG CONGRATS to Sheri Shanks, Shagbark Stables, Bloomfield, NY
on her purchase of this delightful youngster and their dressage future together.

f. 6/06/2008
(Parcmorfa FFraed X Pensarnfawr Pearl)

Delightful 2008 installment of same breeding of 2003 and 2006 colts;
RED Chestnut with blaze, no stockings in sight; has flaxen tail, a real personable nosey character;
Smooth fluid movement, forward trot, good bone and delightful temperament.





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